Author Bob Richley gives readers a well-designed and well-written story with plenty of talking points for adults and children to share as they read together.

Hall Ways Book Reviews

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a great story for children, and I gave it 4 out of 4 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who has or works with kids. It was a well-written story that would be perfect to read with children. I think the ideal age for this story would be about five to eight years old. It is a great book with a great life lesson.

Online Book Club Review of The Big Catch

I loved this little book. It’s absolutely adorable! So many times my own children (similar ages as the children in this story) fight and fight. Then, I witness something so sweet between them and I wonder how I ever thought they were wild, crazy children. That’s what this story tells. Siblings are fighting (as parents we so often witness) and then finally, something clicks and you see that love that the children share. It’s a great story for kids to remind them that they really do love each other and they want to help their brother or sister out. It’s a reminder to be selfless and to love one another.

Linda Ryals Review of The Big Catch

I enjoyed reading The Oregon Kids: The Big Catch by Bob Richley because of its moral lessons. Our children need examples as to how to develop into well-rounded adults. As they read The Oregon Kids, it can help them in their developmental growth.

Reader’s Favorites Review of The Big Catch

The Oregon Kids describes an important learning experience when Billy and his younger sister Autumn take a two-week camping trip with their parents.

Reggie Reads Review Illinois State University on The Big Catch

Mr. Richley’s story, The Oregon Kids: The Big Catchlures a reader in from the first page. Anyone who grew up with a younger, tag-along, brother(s) or sister(s) will immediately relate to Billy’s feelings of annoyance over having to share his most precious activity, fishing, with his baby sister, Autumn. Mr. Richley portrays Autumn as a lovable, yet, typical pest, who wants to be in her older brother’s business. She does it more out of love for her big brother, than making trouble for him. Mr. Richley cleverly constructs a few mishaps during the fishing trip that put Billy into a position where he has to decide to be helpful or continue to allow resentment to build up inside and not only ruin the fishing trip, but maybe even his relationship with Autumn.

Normandy book reviews of The Big Catch

This children’s book, Runaway Whiskers I thought was very pleasurable, and the experience Autumn undergoes will help teach young minds why it’s important to be honest. I think it will also show how their actions will affect the feelings of others when it comes to making decisions, I highly recommend this book for young readers.


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