Teach persistence and problem solving: A review of The Beetle and the Berry by Eve Heidie Bine-Stock

Problem-solving is an important skill to learn. It takes persistence to keep trying. It is a skill I want my children to learn. I don’t want them to give up just because they don’t succeed the first time or the next or the next.

It is helpful to present examples of not quitting to my kids. The Beetle and the Berry by Eve Heidi Bine-Stock gives me such an example. It’s a simple story of a beetle finding a berry and trying to push it home. The berry is very large and gets stuck on a thorn. At first, the Beetle cannot move the berry when it gets stuck no matter how hard he pushes. Eventually, he figures out to push it from the other direction. He doesn’t quit and he solves his problem.

I know my daughter gets frustrated sometimes putting together puzzles. She gets mad and wants to quit especially if a piece comes loose from the puzzle when she tries to add another piece. I think reading a book like The Beetle and the Berry will help her. It gives an example of not quitting. My daughter already imitates fictional characters like Peppa Pig and Daniel Tiger. As a parent, I want good examples for her to follow. This book provides me with one.

I recommend this book to parents of young children. I think it is very valuable to discuss the lessons of problem solving and persistence.

Author Bio

Eve Heidi Bine-Stock is Award-winning children’s book writer. Award-winning self-publisher. Growing up, whenever Eve Heidi Bine-Stock asked her mom what a word meant, the answer was always, “Look it up.” That was the start of Eve’s love of words and books.

For her 13th birthday, Eve’s older brother Neil gave the budding writer a huge dictionary of her own with the inscription, “May your blessings be as numerous as the words in this book.” And they have been.

At age 13, Eve Heidi Bine-Stock began her publishing career by creating a girls’ magazine.

In her 20s, Eve received a Master’s Degree in Library Science (books!) and worked toward a Ph.D. in Visual Literacy (picture books!).

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