Teach Kids Responsibility! The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick: The Egg-Staordinary Egg by Cindy L. Shirley illustrated by Cleoward Sy

As a parent of 2, I want to teach my kids to be responsible. They need to learn to take care of things in their possession. I also want them to help each other and others. I want to be an example to them and show them other examples. One source of examples is the characters in books they read. The fictional characters Carly and Riley in the book The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick: The Egg-Staordinary Egg by Cindy L. Shirley illustrated by Cleoward Sy gives me good examples.
Carly and Riley are sisters. They find an unusual egg while playing in their tree house one day. They decide with their mother’s permission to care for the egg. They have different ways of caring for the egg but successfully care for the egg until it hatches.
Children need good examples of responsibility even if the characters are fictional. Children will want to follow examples they see in books or watch on TV. I’m thankful for good examples. I would recommend this book for parents wanting to teach responsibility to children.

Author Bio:

Cindy L. Shirley grew up in a small town in Cherokee County, Georgia. She is a wife, mother of two, and grandmother of one amazing granddaughter. She loves working with children and has tons of hilarious stories to share. “So many heartfelt conversations and silly experiences took place during my time working as an ASP teacher. Kids just want to feel acknowledged and share their day with someone”. It was during her time working with students that Cindy decided to pursue a business in entertaining children. Mrs. Shirley founded “Let’s Pretend Parties” in 2006 and continues to work with children of all ages as a party planner and hostess to this day. She is involved with annual community and family events throughout both Cobb and Cherokee county school systems. These activities, along with personal experiences, are the basis for her upcoming children’s books: “Diesel the Body Guard; No Bullies Allowed!”, “Doodle and the Magic Christmas Float”, “Mom, Where Did You Go?”, and her new series, “The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick”. These stories are based on real characters from Cindy’s family, as well as her childhood experiences. Her creative and fun-filled story lines were written to bring a smile to children’s faces. When asked about becoming a new author, Cindy said “I will consider this new adventure to be a huge success if I can just make children laugh.”

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