Lessons for Siblings: A review of Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson by Sarah Hays

I have two daughters. One is 3 and the other only 18 months. As young as they are, they are best friends. They do fight often especially over toys, but they both love each other too.

As I read Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson by Sarah Hays, I thought of my own children even though Breanna and Allyson are older than my kids. Breanna is the older sister. As the older child, she has more skills and abilities than her younger sister Allyson. Breanna must show lots of patience and understanding when her younger sister creates problems.

I think children with siblings will relate to Breana and Allyson. I also think it is a wonderful opportunity to discuss character lessons. Parents’ could ask about feelings presented in the book and get children to think about their own feelings. Parents’ could ask about helping a younger sibling.
I want to teach my children how to deal with negative emotions such as anger and frustration. I want to teach them patience and to share. I think this book will be a helpful tool to assist me to do that. I would recommend it to parents who have children with siblings.

Author Bio:

Sarah Hays is a teacher residing in the central Texas area. She lives with her husband Rusty and two young daughters: Breanna and Allyson. Her interests include reading mystery novels, writing, and spending time with her family. “Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson,” is her first children’s book and she is excited to share it with you!

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