Teach Young Artist Wannabes How to Draw: A Review of the Caveman Project: teach me father how to draw by Max Shumsky

Do your kids want to draw? Are they a little hesitant because they don’t know how to start? When I was a child, my uncle taught me to draw. He drew simple things like birds, flowers, and rabbits. I’m not an artist, but I still remember how to draw what my uncle taught. I now draw them for my children.
Author and illustrator Max Shumsky has written and illustrated a book that teaches children how to draw much like my uncle taught me. It is titled The Cave Project: Teach me father how to draw. A caveman teaches his son how to draw on the cave wall. He shows how to draw simple things like lines, circles, and squares and then use these shapes to draw a person. Kids who want to draw will love this book. They can use the book as a guide to draw. It may help them overcome fears and anxieties they may have about drawing.
The book is not just an instruction book that is bland. It is filled with illustrations that kids will love and a bit of humor to make them smile. I would recommend this book for a very young inspiring artist.

Author Bio:

Max Shumsky grew up in Russia, went to art school, moved to USA. Got married, got children, they started to read, me too. Started seeing stories in everything around me. I want to show what I see.

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