Bus Safety: A Review of Giggly’s Bear’s Fun Trip in the Yellow Bus by Kelly Santana-Banks

As a parent, I want to keep my kids safe. I’m especially concerned when they are away from home and out of my site. I want to do my best to teach them how to be safe, so they will be safe when I’m not around.
I’m thankful for books like Giggly Bear’s Fun Trip in the Yellow Bus by Kelly Santana-Banks. It’s a simple story of a bear riding the bus to the funfair, but it teaches valuable lessons on bus safety. I know my children will be riding the bus for school and other activities. This story gives me a tool to teach them to be safe. It has adorable illustrations by Shelia Marie Alejandro that kids will love. It has a repeating rhyming mantra which will help kids remember to be safe. Kids learn well by repetition.
This is not an exciting story of action and adventure or a story that will make them laugh. It’s a serious lesson presented in a sing-song rhyming style. The pictures and rhymes will help children learn lessons and keep them interested enough. It can be a good tool to teach children about safety not only riding the bus but other modes of transportation.

Author Bio:

Kelly Santana-Banks is a writer of nonfiction and children’s books, and a former early childhood teacher and caregiver.

With more than ten years of experience working with children and a strong background in child development, she is an advocate for education, especially in early childhood.

She writes fun stories to entertain and teach children as well as help parents find simple solutions for their little ones’ lives.

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