Teach Humility and Respect: A Review of A Tea Party in Muffinville by Eve Newton

What are some core values you want your children to learn? As a parent of 2 daughters, I would like my daughters to learn humility and respect for others. Many problems arise from pride and disrespect. If my children can learn and practice humility and respect, how much better adults they will be.
Most importantly, I must model this for my children if they are to learn. I also believe that reading to them and discussing moral values presented in stories will help to teach them to think and own good values.
Jesus was once at a party and noticed all the guests were trying to sit at the places of honor. He advised people to humble themselves and take the lower seats and then they will be exalted. I was reminded of this incident and advice in Luke 14:7-10 as I read A Tea Party in Muffinville by Eve Newton. Belle wants to have a tea party. She asks the advice of a neighbor who plots to sit at the best place at the party. There is a battle of pride over the best hat at the party. When a humorous mishap occurs, the guests realize how foolish they were. They all get a lesson in humility.
I think this book offers a chance to discuss humility and respect. These values are presented in a humorous way. Children will find the story fun. Adults can use the story to teach values by asking questions such as why does Mosey want to sit by the Mayor? Why does Ophelia wear a high hat and why did Mosey’s hat have a feather?
This is a simple story written in a sing-song style. It is fun and humorous. Children will enjoy it. The real value; however, are the moral lessons that can be taught from the examples of the characters.


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