Teach care of the Environment (Review of Alex and Anna’s Acorn Helps the World )

Is the environment important to you? Is caring for the earth a value you want to pass on to your children? The answer to both questions for me is a resounding, “yes!” I own a hybrid vehicle. I have solar panels. I bike 10 miles to work at least 2 or 3 times a week. When I worked closer, I biked almost every day. Our family walks to a store nearby to get groceries and other supplies. I ride my bike for various errands. I care about the environment and I want my children to care.

The best way to teach this to our children is to model it for them. I also think it is important to discuss why you do certain things like walking to the grocery store. Another way is to read books the presents the care of the environment and discuss the topic with your children. Alex and Anna’s Acorn Helps the World written and illustrated by Peter Hayward is a children’s story the presents caring for the environment by planting trees. It is a simple story of a hike in the woods where Alex learns about trees, photosynthesis, wildlife protection and conservation, and even fairies. It mixes facts with fun fiction.

I believe a great way to teach values to your children is to read with them. As you read books like Alex and Anna’s Acorn Helps the World, you can engage your children in thoughtful discussions on the values presented. You can ask probing questions that gets them to think not only about the facts but also the reasons why something is done or not done. When you do this, the child learns. We don’t learn when we only memorize facts. The fact alone has no value in your mind. When you learn a fact, it needs to be bound to other facts by logic. One way to learn is to think. When we engage our brain in figuring out the answer, we learn. We draw upon what we know and add to it. Alex and Anna’s Acorn Helps the World presents many facts in a fun way but also gives a caregiver the opportunity to discuss values. Questions like, “Why does grandpa plant trees?” and “Why are tree important?” can get children to think about values.

I would recommend this book not because the story is entertaining, but because it presents an opportunity for a child to learn good facts and values. There are elements of the story that kids might find entertaining, but the real value will be time spent reading with your child and discussing the moral values.

Author Bio

Peter was born and bred in Ipswich (UK) and attended state school. He became a respected scholar and athlete competing at county level in football, basketball and athletics.
He joined the Suffolk Constabulary and during his service learnt many skills and gained further educational qualifications. He competed in sports at international level. After being promoted to sergeant he qualified with a National Police Trainers’ Certificate and Certificate of Education and became a police trainer. He further qualified with a Certificate and Diploma in counselling.
After retirement, Peter worked for a charity, helping people to withdraw from drug and alcohol abuse, before moving to Spain where he became a music producer VisionX (Zene Records). Peter then turned his creativity to writing and became a member of Wordplay Writers, Costa Blanca, Spain.
Peter has two wonderful adult children; a daughter and son. Peter’s daughter and her partner have given Peter a wonderful granddaughter. Peter’s son and daughter-in-law have given him a magnificent grandson and granddaughter.
Time together with his grandchildren inspired Peter to write about some of their experiences in his series, Learn with Alex and Anna.
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