Review of The Adventures of Karlie and Kyle: An Adventure at Old Man Joe’s

Do your kids ever lie? Do they ever tell you they are going to do something but instead do something they are not supposed to do? Do they know you tell them not to do things for their own protection?

I have two children. I want them to understand that I tell them to do things and not to do things for their own protection. I want them to be honest with me and to discuss when they want to do something.

I think reading books with children is a good way to start a discussion with children. Books that teach moral lessons are a great way to discuss the lesson with the child.

The Adventures of Karlie and Kyle: An Adventure at Old Man Joe’s by Cathy Fraschilla is a good book to start a discussion on lying and listening to parents. Karlie and Kyle lie to their mom about what they are going to do because they want to do something that they know their mother wouldn’t like. Their mom warns them about a potential storm. When the storm hits, Karlie and Kyle realize the danger they put themselves in by lying and not listening to their mom. Telling the truth and listening to parent are valuable lessons. I want to teach these lessons to my children.

This is a simple story and is simply written. Its value is in the lessons that could be discussed with children. I would recommend it for discussing the lessons of telling the truth and obedience.

Good questions to ask might be “Why do the kids lie?” “What did their mom say?” “What was dangerous about the lie?” “What do you think could have happened?” There are many potential questions to ask as you read this story to kids.

I would recommend this book as a tool to help to your children valuable lessons and to help them think about the consequences of their actions.

About the Author:

Cathy Fraschilla is a stay-at-home mother living with her husband and three children in Pennsylvania. Fraschilla, who has always enjoyed reading since she was 3, spends most of her time volunteering at her children’s school when needed. She has been involved in various fields of employment, including editorial, healthcare and education. As an author, she aims to teach children in a captivating and impressionable way through her books, ideally inspiring them to be all that they can be.


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