Review of Nicki Nice’s Bully by Dr. Fran White

When I was a child I was teased and bullied. I had buck teeth, was skinning, not very athletic in terms of sports involving balls, and was very intelligent. I think for those reasons, I was the target for teasing and bullying. In response to children hitting me, my dad taught me how to hit back. He taught me how to punch and “dance” like a boxer. That was 40 years ago.

Much has changed in 40 years. We now seek to understand why bullies do what they do to help them as well as their victims. We teach our children not to respond to teasing and bullying because the instigator is seeking the response for attention. Not responding takes power away from the instigator.

In Nicki Nice’s Bully by Dr. Fran White, children are taught how to respond to bullies through the simple words of another child. Nikki is taught by a counselor not to respond to the bully and to inform another adult, in this case, her teacher, who can help both the bully and Nikki. The outcome is very positive.

I would encourage parents or anyone who interacts regularly with children to read and discuss this book with their children. I would even encourage educators to read it to their class. It’s a great way to talk about a scary subject with a child and may open the door for them to confess their own troubles.

I was in several fights as a child. If this book had been available when I was a child and its principles taught, I would have avoided many physical as well as emotional wounds.


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